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LED Linear Light

 LED profile is an innovative way to create your own light fixtures with LED strip light. It is an Aluminum Extrusion with a specialized focus lens for your LED Strip Lights. Suitable for surface mounted or recessed installation.

With its slim design this product makes for a great housing and also a great heat sink for your custom LED project. The focus lens magnifies and directs the LED light at a 60°,45°beam angle to give your light more focus to a direct spot. If you are looking for a finished look and precise light direction for your LED Strip Lights this is definitely the product for you. Perfect for under cabinet, under stairs, closets, exhibits, furniture, work stations, or any project needing a thin profile for housing your LED Strip Lights. This product is so thin that it does not fully diffuse your LED Lights, individual lights can still be seen through the clear cover.
LED extrusions protect the LED strip while also acting as a heat sink to help maintain the LED life. It also gives the LED strip a more professional touch. With a choice of diffuser cover (frosted or opal), the appearance of the light can be 
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