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LED Pixel light

 some advantage about our led  pixel light

1  shell 

Import PC shell , don't burst and not easy to become yellow, high transparent, evenly mixed color effect

2 future lighting's led pixel light use  high quality pu glue to make sure the led pixel lighting in ip68 , can resist the UV and water.

3 5050 SMD use  Epistar led chips import from taiwan , high lumen and low light drop,can make sure future lighting's Led Pixel light work supper stably.

4 A grade line with connector ,make the pixel lighting supper easy to install

5  5cm led pixel light  is 1.44w ,24vdc input power  for safety ,30pcs  per chain , nomally 6pcs/m.  

6 the shell have leds/plane/sphere to choose 

7. Oyster white PC cover will soften the light


shell with lens has the focusing effect, enhanced brightness


flat shell have 120 beam angle ,light color evenly


8  3 ways to install

(1) U clamp clasp   the made the led pixel light supper easy to install.


(2)  Screws to install

(3) aluminum groove  install  Internal line, make the led pixel light more,beautiful  easy to install, replace the gusset plate


10 Future lighting has A strong r&d team, can support a wide variety of engineering non-standard product customization, good and thoughtful after-sales service

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