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S Type strip

 S type lamp tape also name free angle bending strip, according to the width of the PCB, divided into big S lamp tape and small S lamp tape, hereinafter referred to as size s. hsu is 8 mm wide plate, small S for 6 mm plate.Lamp bead models for 2835, the conventional 60 lights per meter, and 72 meters.
Conventional color temperature 3000 k warm white, white is 6000 k, 10000 k optional cold white.Domestic customers generally like to more than 10000 k cold white partial blue, the color temperature to play on the acrylic appear white and transparent effect, can let you luminous characters more fresh and eye-catching.
European and American customers abroad like choice is white 6000-6500 k, the color temperature is given priority to, make the color temperature, atmospheric founder appear.Like India, Thailand, Turkey, this class is a hot area of the guest prefers above 10000 k cold white light source to shine.
Guests can choose according to the project demand corresponding S lamp brightness and color temperature.



 S type lamp tape is mainly used in small closed space luminous words, as the internal light source, including mini, resin, endless words.This kind of words are relatively small space, bending is more, with regular small module has high cost, installation is convenient.USES the S light band can greatly save the cost, at the same time can realize arbitrary Angle generation bend bend, convenient installation, and mountain tai photoelectric lamps with the use of Gao Liangjing yuan lamp beads made from imported from Taiwan, high brightness, low current, low light failure, spectral meticulous, can guarantee the luminous word according to a high degree of color consistency.Use of mountain tai photoelectric S lamp with light as the light source, in the period of two years of quality assurance, can achieve zero dead lamp, no color difference, droop as low as 15%.


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